Helix Resilience

Using our expertise in enhancing mental wellbeing and resilience, we have developed four neuroscience-based corporate solutions.

These evidence-based solutions enhance psychological, physical and social resilience amongst leaders and their teams.

Helix Executive. An optimal leadership resilience programme, based in neuroscience, delivered personally by experts and scientific professionals. Proven to work by some of the UKs top Chief Executives and their core teams. Our content is tailored to each individual and their specific needs. We employ preventative, not reactive tools to measure, upskill, and consolidate. The Helix Executive programme enables individuals to discover:

  • How our bodies and minds react to a high-stress life-style
  • The complexity in how we form relationships with others
  • Exercises to help remain present and engaged despite busy schedules
  • How thoughts and feelings affect decision-making and behaviour

Helix Senior Leaders extends the executive offering to Senior Leadership teams through a digitally supported face to face programme, which has been developed based on the following:

  • Increased pressure on executives in complex and demanding leadership roles
  • Senior leaders work to the best of their abilities, but they may be constrained by their state of mental and physical wellbeing
  • Enhancing effectiveness using psychological techniques drives performance for senior leaders just like peak athletes
  • Our deep understanding of the value of wellbeing and resilience. Insight into developing with measurable results

We sustain your investment in optimising your executive and leadership teams through our Resilience Club, an actively managed digital network keeping participants engaged.

Interactive sessions and communities with experts in the individual’s chosen areas of interest, including:

  • Mindfulness: Using techniques to optimise concentration in a distracted world
  • Intervention Specialists: Leading experts advising on health and wellbeing
  • Listen and learn: as others share their stories of challenges and resilience
  • Personal Development: Setting and tracking personal development goals

Helix Workforce is a digital solution that provides a curated resilience programme supported by experts, for your entire organisation.

Helix Workforce is an inclusive, community-based platform where employees feel part of a family who are concerned for each other’s wellbeing. Our friendly, informative platform guides participants gently through programme content and along any personal development pathways they may choose. We use a variety of mediums to convey what can be complex and challenging material in a non-confrontational, easy to understand way.

Business Outcomes

We are delivering the Helix Resilience programme in FTSE 100 companies to the executive leadership team, as well as the entire workforce.

Measurable improvement in the wellbeing and resilience of employees

Improved employee engagement and performance at work

Insights on areas of stress and cultural themes in your organisation

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