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New research: Employee wellbeing during Covid-19

Published 2:36 pm UTC August 24, 2020

We, at Helix Resilience, surveyed 2,000 white-collar workers in London to identify the impact of the pandemic on employee wellbeing. Key findings and recommendations have been compiled into a free downloadable research report.

The report explores the effects of Covid-19 on psychological wellbeing as well as lifestyle behaviours and productivity at work. Worryingly, 83% of respondents experienced at least one negative mental health outcome as a result of lockdown – with feeling anxious, having poor motivation, and feeling tired / having little energy being the three most common consequences.

Almost half of respondents (46%) said their sleep had been disrupted by lockdown measures and over a third (34%) have increased their alcohol intake. For 51% of the sample, productivity has suffered.

With many of London’s white-collar workers continuing to work from home and a period of uncertainty lying ahead, employers need to take positive steps towards supporting their workforce.

Download the full report and read more of the research findings by clicking the button below.