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Music and Mindfulness

Published 3:48 pm UTC January 17, 2020

Mindfulness is the act of being present or in other words, being true to each thought and feeling moment by moment. Centring these thoughts, sensations and feelings can help focus the world around us, leading to less stress and lighter moods.

Music and Mindfulness

Music acts as a tool to guide us through the mastery of mindfulness and being centred in the moment. As we listen to music, we are often practicing mindfulness without realising it- we focus on notes and melodies that put us ‘in tune’ with our present thoughts and feelings.

Music evokes emotion. We all have songs we know we could cry to, dance to, or provide us some peace. When feeling anxious or stressed, we often can turn to music as an escape but by practicing mindfulness while listening, we can begin to turn from the thought of escaping, to the act of processing. By recognising and accepting each feeling, we can begin to move forward leaving us feeling calmer or rejuvenated.

We can take this practice a bit further with music: next time you are listening to a song you love focus on each instrument or individual sound formulating the harmony or focus on each lyric delivered by the artist. Pay attention to how your body and emotions react to the music, this will help you adjust the practice of being truly present.

Luckily, in today’s world, music can come with us wherever we go. Like mindfulness, we can listen and practice on the train, at work, or in the comfort of our bedroom. Create a mindfulness playlist on your device with songs you know you can turn to in times of stress or mental pressure.

Music is a powerful tool that can support us on our wellness journey so make sure to listen deeply and don’t be afraid to turn up the volume!