Learn. Adapt.


Helix Resilience specialise in corporate mental health and wellbeing. Our solutions are scientifically-backed, and proven to deliver improved engagement and performance at work.

Business Outcomes

We are delivering the Helix Resilience programme in FTSE 100 companies to the executive leadership team, as well as the entire workforce.

Measurable improvement in the wellbeing and resilience of employees

Improved employee engagement and performance at work

Insights on areas of stress and cultural themes in your organisation

Our Solutions

Helix Resilience’s solutions are built on over 30 years of working with clients to overcome barriers to their personal effectiveness. Content is tailored to each individual and their specific needs.

Your Journey

Whether you're the chief executive of a FTSE Index company, a C-Suite executive or a colleague at the frontline, all Helix Resilience products and solutions are built around the same employee journey:

  • Measure
  • UpSkill
  • Consolidate

Your Goals

This proven journey allows participants to:

  • Identify their own resilience goals
  • Learn techniques & strategies to improve their resilience
  • Receive expert guidance from specialists via articles, podcasts & webinars
  • Embed learnings into day to day life and career
  • Build and sustain new pathways through affinity communities and groups

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